Internet Governance - a project of Internet Society - Bulgaria

We started this project in 2005, because of the importance of the processes around the World Summit on the Information Society, or as it is known popularly, WSIS.
We are interested not only in the WSIS, but also in what will happen after November 18th, 2005, when it will be over. We want to provide more information about the WSIS itself, but also about the way Internet can be governed better, for the good of all userss - governments, private businesses, civil society, rich or poor, from the East or from the West, from the South or from the North.

Whether we'll succeed in that, we don't know. But at least we shall try.

We are open to work in co-operation and coordination with other groups and entities, which are interested in this subject. Please, contact us if you do any work in the area of Internet Governance.

Internet Society - Bulgaria