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IT delegation in Sofia
ИТ делегация бе в София
автор: isoc.bg 07.07.2006

from left to right, on this and all other pictures:
Fred Baker, George Sadowsky, Ed Viltz, Lynn St. Amour, Brian Cute, Philipp Grabensee, Vint Cerf, Sergey Stanishev (Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria), Gabriel Dusil, Veni Markovski, Plamen Vatchkov, Esther Dyson

Fred Baker, Ed Viltz, Veni Markovski, H.E. George Sadowsky - President Georgi Parvanov, Vint Cerf, Esther Dyson, US Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. John Beyrle, Brian Cute, Neil Buhne - UNDP representative to Bulgaria, Lynn St. Amour

President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov appplauds Vint Cerf, who has just been awarded with the "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" in the Coat of Arms order

President of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov and Vint Cerf official picture

Vint Cerf, Plamen Vatchkov, Brian Cute and Ed Viltz

Tosho Nedialkov, Georgei Sharkov, Hasan Azis (Mayor of the city of Kardjali), Plamen Vatchkov, George Sadowsky, Philipp Grabensee, Vint Cerf, Brian Cute, Esther Dyson, Veni Markovski, Ed Viltz, Lynn St.Amour, Gabriel Dusil, Fred Baker

Vint Cerf, Veni Markovski and Plamen Vatchkov (chairman of the Governmental Agency for IT and Communications /Ministry of ITC/)

Meeting of the President's IT Advisory Council (The President is second from the right)

Vint Cerf going out of the Ceremony Hall of the Office of the President. The "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" in the Coat of Arms order is in the box; on his coat with the orange strip is the sign of the order - the cross.

US Ambassador to Bulgaria John Beyrle talks to Vint Cerf and Veni Markovski (behind them - UNDP representative Neil Buhne and George Sadowsky)

Meeting at the UNDP Office in Sofia - Esther Dyson, Fred Baker, Brian Cute, Plamen Vatchkov, Neil Buhne, Vint Cerf

Plamen Vatchkov talks to Vint Cerf; Veni Markovski at the front addresses journalists at the press-conference at SAITC.

Bulgarian President addresses his IT Advisory Committee (on the right is ISOC chair and chair of the President's IT Advisory Committee Veni Markovski, next to him is the foreign minister Ivailo Kalfin)

Vint Cerf and Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev

Vint Cerf and President Parvanov at the President's Office, immediately after the award ceremony. Vint is carrying the order in full size and shape.

photo: ISOC-Bulgaria, Valentin Nikolov from the Office of the President, Dnevnik daily, Fred Baker.