This is an article, which is published on July 2nd at the Sega daily. the author is [probably] the best Bulgarian journalist Dimitri Ivanov.

When the Pope came out of the Krakow cathedral and got on his "popemobil", the catholic world heard two news:
- Copernicus has been right;
- Nuns are allowed to have free access to the Internet

Is their decency not threaten by the lustful sin of the porno sites? Aren't they going to look for the recipe to the atomic bomb or the handbook of terrorism? In today's Bulgaria they will protect us from these dangers by a law for licensing and control of ISP (Internet Service Providers)

Because they are created in three steps:

First. You buy "specialists", who "proove" that non-controlled access to the Internet is dangerous to the society. You buy also members of the parliament to pass a law, allowing Internet provision only to those ISPs who are licensed. To obtain the license, they "put in your pocket" and thus you (as a beginning) get back your initial investment or part of it.

Second. The Licensing law brings turmoil. But the Internet users are only a small fraction of the voters, the ISPs don't count at all and you pretend you are deaf. You commission to the "paid" experts to explain the possible spin-offs and side-kick. They are numberless and the "experts" know nothing about them. They don't need to; they point out only a few elementary, which the MPs will understand. If you take a PC, a modem, a card and a microphone and some more things, and there you have it - at the price of a local phone call you can talk to some other geek at another continent. And 5-6 such nerds can make a network without owning a satellite or even one meter of cable. And they can sell phone services. That's why your girl-friend in the US or Israel can call you paying 7 times less than what you pay to call her from Bulgaria.

Third is most important. Besides the first fee, the ISPs give you a monthly fee. A small stream is headed in your pocket. It's up to you to turn it into a bigger stream. You make the ISPs buy recording equipment, and you, remotely go into the records, to control "in the interest of society". If the ISPs denies this, don't renew his license. The stopped ones go to court saying it's against the confidentiality of correspondence, because reading other people's e-mail is like opening peoples' letters. Poor naive! The law is already passed. They are out of the game if they don't want to follow your rules. You may start your own game. And it is: when a company is interested in the aims of their competitor. You sell the records under the table. Your Internet Mafia is already functioning. In ex-USSR countries this activity is priority to the KGB people. There and in other countries, the Internet-Mafia is a symbiosis between the "services" (ex or current) and the bureaucrats from the PTT.

ASK Netanyahu
This recket is highly paid for a small group of people in the services, the parliament and the committee for telecommunications. But it's a huge barrier against the mass development of Internet services. ISPs are being controlled and licensed only in some communist, ex-communist and Islamic countries. In the rest - on contrary - the services are cheaper and even free, or beyond - instead of you paying them, they pay you. The reader of "Nouvelle observatour" is getting a CD for free connection to the Internet for 2 months plus a free kit of 200 sites "Internet - way of usage". L'Express magazine offers mini-shops, in the US they offer free PC, which is the new Compaq desktop, because besides shopping with it, it's programmed so that at your screen a certain number of ads will show up. Such a scheme is being used in the UK, too.

Ask whoever you want, but never the hired "experts". As the Israelis say, ask even Netanyahu (Net&Yahoo).