The Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma has issued a decree, which (like in China and Russia) sets up licensing of Internet services. The only hope is that the Parliament (Verhovnaya Rada) would not aprove it. But even now, the secret services have started to implement "order". They request the ISPs to install special equipment at their network centers so that they (the services) would have access to the email of every Internet user. So far the only alarm have been publisjed in the oppositionary "Daily" newspaper

The news is released by the Ukraine information center "Toloka", based in Sofia, Bulgaria (

This information comes as a proof that it is very difficult to try to build democracy and democratic institutions in ex-communist countries. Internet licensing exists only in countries like Russia, China, Singapore, Cuba, and now Ukraine.

Bulgaria also wanted to have such licensing, but the local Internet Society chapter is successfully fighting this decree in the Supreme Administrative court (more information is at