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ISOC-Bulgaria starts a blog
ISOC-Bulgaria decided to start a blog, and move all the news from here to the new address: isocbg.wordpress.com Everyone is welcome!

ISOC-Bulgaria comments on letter blaming government for censorship
ISOC-Bulgaria comments a letter, published at the web site of the Internet Governance Project. Read the news page for more details.

ISOC-Bulgaria sends letters to Chief Prosecutor, IGF
In 2007 and 2008 ISOC participated in a number of events, including the IGF in Rio. December 2007 marked a letter sent to the Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria, arguing with details and facts that the agreement for using Microsoft software, signed between the government and a private, limited liability company, is not in the interest of the state, and the government paid more money than necessary. In June 2008, ISOC prepared position on the coming IGF in India. You can read it at Veni Markovski's blog.

ISOC-Bulgaria meets other ISOC chapters in Puerto Rico
On June 27, ISOC-Bulgaria chairman Veni Markovski participated in a meeting of ISOC chapters from all over the world, who met together in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during the ICANN meeting. Among discussed questions were better work and cooperation between ISOC and the chapters, overview of the activities of present chapters, and others.

Response to the ITU Questionnaire
May 21st, 2007.
Responses to the ITU Questionnaire were sent today by web.

Latest news - at the main news page
Temporarily news about ISOC activities are published mainly in Bulgarian, sorry:-)

OneWebDay in Bulgaria
Sept. 10, 2006.
OneWebDay will have its Bulgarian edition and ISOC-Bulgaria, Bulgarian Web Association and ABC Design & Communications are the organizers.
For more information, please, visit the official site.

High-level IT delegation in Bulgaria
July 4, 2006
Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, Esther Dyson, Brian Cute and Gabriel Dusil of VeriSign, Lynn St. Amour of ISOC, Fred Baker of CISCO, George Sadowsky of GIPI, Edward Viltz of PIR, Philipp Grabensee of Afilias were among the people visiting Bulgaria on July 4th for official meetings with President Parvanov, Prime Minister Stanishev, minister of IT and Communications Vatchkov, members of Parliament and Internet users. The visit was made possible with the active support of ISOC-Bulgaria.
For more information, please, visit the photo album page.

Internet Users in Bulgaria
April 2006
Latest data about Internet penetration in Bulgaria from Market Test:
Number of Internet users (between 15 and 69 years): 29.3 %
Internet use from home: 15.10 %
Internet use from Internet clubs: 14.80 %
Internet use from elsewhere: 9.30 %
For more information, please, visit the ISOC blog.

ISOC-Bulgaria 2006 projects
ISOC-Bulgaria is participating in the following projects in 2006:
FOSS, tOSSad, FLOSS World, Internet Governance, SELF, Creative Commons
For more information, please, visit the adequate web page.

10 Years ISOC-Bulgaria!

January 6, 2006
A big party celbrated the 10th anniversary of ISOC-Bulgaria. See more information on our news page
At the picture above, A Moment From the Cocktail Party (left to right): ISOC-Bulgaria President and Chairman of the Board Veni Markovski; Plamen Vatchkov - chairman of the State Agency for ITC; Sergei Stanishev - Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria; Dimitar Ganchev - member of ISOC.bg Board; Anelia Delcheva, ISOC member. (January 6, 2006)

Jan 1, 2006: UNDP starts new project in Bulgaria
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) starts a new project in Bulgaria. Goal of project is poverty reduction and capacity building through usage of ICT. Implementing Agency for this project is the Internet Society of Bulgaria. The project is also co-funded by the international Internet Society. More information can be found at FOSS.bg.

Swiss Diplomat on WSIS
... and the role Bulgaria played during the WSIS (Nov. 21, 2005)

Internet Governance Project
ISOC-Bulgaria has started a project on Internet Governance. The new web site is to become the portal for all resources dedicated to the issues around the so much discussed topic of who and how to govern the Internet resources. (Oct. 15, 2005)

New Bulgarian Prime Minister is member of ISOC
ISOC Board Members Veni Markovski and Dimitar Ganchev with Sergei Stanishev (in the middle) August 16, 2005
The new Bulgarian Prime Minister - Mr. Sergey Stanishev - is a member of ISOC since April 22nd, 2001.
The ISOC-Bulgaria Board wishes him goog luck in his new job, and we also wish to see the Bulgarian government fulfil their ideas on developing IT as a leading industry in Bulgaria.

ISOC member heads new Bulgarian Agency for IT&C
Plamen Vachkov, head of new agency he Cabinet decided on Thursday, Sept. 15th, 2005, to appoint Plamen Vachkov as chairman of the State Agency for IT and Communications. The Agency was also founded on Sept. 15, 2005. Mr. Vachkov is a member of ISOC since March 1st, 1999.
read full news (Sept.15, 2005)

News from ISOC-Bulgaria
We have published a lengthy newslist of events and work ISOC-Bulgaria has done in the first half of 2005. Take a look!

UNDP and ISOC - Bulgaria launch a new project
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Internet Society of Bulgaria (ISOC-Bulgaria) have launched a project to help municipal governments in Southeastern Europe use the Internet to better respond to citizens’ needs. This is the first e-government project in the region to use Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) applications to enhance government transparency and people’s access to municipal services. Initially launched in Bulgaria, the project will soon expand to include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.

Bulgarian President joins
the Internet Society
Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov is member of the Internet Society. He's the second Bulgarian President in a row to join the organisation. Mr. Parvanov joined ISOC in May 2001, while he was head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. His relations with ISOC date as back as 1997, when ISOC-Bulgaria supported the socialist party during difficult time period.
Bulgarian President Peter Stoyanov became the first Head of State to join the Internet Society, an international organization, based in Reston, Virginia. He was invited to join the organization by Mr. Don Heath - president and CEO of ISOC. Mr. Stoyanov has sent a letter confirming his membership. You can see the original letter (in Bulgarian) here.

Bulgarian Big Brother Awards
ISOC-Bulgaria initated and works on the development of the Bulgarian edition of the international Big Brother Awards. See more at the official web site: bg.bigbrotherawards.org

Internet Fiesta 2001!
The Internet Fiesta 2001 will take place March 1 - 4, 2001 all over Bulgaria. Everyone is invited to participate! Until today companies like IBM, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, BOL.BG, m3 Communications, etc. have declared interest in participating at this unique venture in Bulgaria. More information can be found at the official site of the fiesta at www.isoc.bg/fiesta

Internet Society - Bulgaria® is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded on Dec. 4, 1995 in Sofia by a group of Bulgarian Internet professionals. It is an official chapter of the Internet Society. On January 6, 2006, we celebrated our 10th Birthday in the presence of some of our destinguished members - the prime minister of Bulgaria, ministers, members of the Parliament, IT-experts and Internet gurus from all over the country.

Here is what we have been doing until 2010 (for latest activites, please visit our blog, where we moved all the information isocbg.wordpress.com):
ISOC is currently involved in a number of projects, related to usage and promotion of free and open source software.
You can visit for more information on those projects the following web sites:
# FOSS.bg - the Free and Open Source Software Project for SEEurope,
# tOSSad - towards Open Source Software adoption and dissemination, or
# FLOSS world - Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Worldwide impact study.
There are several more and new projects coming in 2006.
In 2005-2006 ISOC-Bulgaria launched the Bulgarian version of Creative Commons. Upon invitation from our chairman and president, Veni Markovski, prof. Lawrence Lessig came to Bulgaria to have wonderful lectures and meetings. His visit was made possible with the kind cooperation of the UNDP.
ISOC Bulgaria was a key player during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Before that, in 1999 and in 2001 through its influence, Bulgaria became the first country to legally accept full freedom of access to the Internet by accepting changes in the Telecommunications Law, which leave the domain name system and the IP Address allocation outside of the control of the government.
ISOC Bulgaria has been actively involved in the Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI), and has contributed to formation of governmental IT-policy in a number of countries, besides Bulgaria.


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