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These are the rules for awarding Web servers and pages with the Web Excellance awards of the Internet Society - Bulgaria. Bulgarian version is available here.

Internet Society - Bulgaria Web awards

Note: Each awarded server /page/ may put a gif-picture, sent by ISOC - Bulgaria at a suitable place in the awarded page The picture must be added with the following text in the html file:

<A href=><IMG SRC="awardN.gif" alt="Internet Society - Bulgaria award" border="0"></>

N is replaced with the corresponding number 1, 2 or 3 for gold, silver or bronze award.

Rules for awarding Web servers and pages with the Internet Society - Bulgaria awards

The Web awards of the Internet Society - Bulgaria were created in May 1997 by specialists in the field. They have no commercial or trade value and are supposed to stimulate the ideas of people who have created good looking web pages.

The following regulations give the conditions for participating in the award, gives some explanations of terms and it is highly recommended that every Bulgarian web server includes it in their web pages as a source for each person willing to partivipate.

1. (1) Participants in the "Web Excellence Awards" of the Internet Society - Bulgaria (ISOC) are all Bulgarian web servers or just pages in them.

(2) For our needs, Bulgarian is every web server or page, which is based in Bulgaria, or even if abroad is related to Bulgaria.

2. For the needs of these regulations,
the Web servers are represented by:

(1) the system administrator of the system where the page is situated;

(2) the president / CEO of the organization which owns the web server.

3. Requests for participation.

(1) Requests are being sent to:

(2) Every person can send a request.

(3) The request should consist of the following data:

  • web or web page address (http://)
  • name of author, his/her e-mail address and phone
  • name of owner of the server
  • other, considered important by the sender.

4. Awards Committee

(1) The Awards Committee consists of 3 persons, members of " the Internet Society - Bulgaria". It is possible for the committee to be formed from all members of the "Internet Society - Bulgaria", who will cast their votes in the server of ISOC.

5. Criteria

(1) The AC marks each web page according to the following criteria:

  1. Easiness for using the information;
  2. Size of pages (standard is to value larger pages with lower grades, but exceptions are possible, depending on the content and performance.);
  3. gif and jpg pictures, Kb, size, animated gif pictures.;
  4. java and other advanced technologies used;
  5. Is it easy to find the page withing the given web server.;
  6. Quality of the web page;
  7. Used language quality (English/Bulgarian/other);
  8. Audio/Video;
  9. Access from outside the web;
  10. Other, depending on the subject of the page, whole performance, etc.

6. Awarding procedure

(1) After the award is given, an e-mail is being mailed to the author (the system administrator, or the owner), containing the award, and describing the page and web server that have won the award

(2) Withing 2 days from receiving the mail, the author may add the awarded sign at a suitable place in the front page.

(3) "Internet Society - Bulgaia" maintains a list with all awarded pages and servers with a link to them at its own servers.

7. Types of awards

(1) Gold. Awarded to a page, voted for by all 3 votes of the members of the AC.

(2) Silver. Awarded at 2:1 votes, where 2 are for the gold, and 1 for another award, or 3 are for silver

(3) Bronze Awarded with 1 vote for gold and 2 - for other awards, or 3 for the bronze. The signs are applied in separate gif pictures.

8. Removing an award

An award may be removed by a decision of the AC or the ISOC-Bulgaria in the case where the awarded web page or server:

(1) change the content of the awarded page to such an extent that it no longer fits the conditions in point 6.1 from this Regulations.;

(2) are being proved to participate in activities which are against the netiquette, the moral or normal education.;

(3) In the list described in art. 6, par. 3 a note is being added that the awards has been removed and the reasons for this action are described.

These regulations can be corrected by the "Internet Society - Bulgaria".

Chairman of the Board:

Veni Markovski

Copyright by Internet Society - Bulgaria - 1997, 1999.