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With a consistently growing number of organizational and individual members in 125 countries, the Internet Society is composed of technologists, developers, educators, researchers, government representatives, and business people, all with one common goal: to ensure global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications.

Why the Internet Society - Bulgaria?

Among many other goals, the Internet Society supports and encourages:

  • the development, maintenance, evolution, and dissemination of standards for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications;
  • the growth of Internet architecture;
  • Internet-related education and research;
  • assistance to technologically developing countries, areas, and peoples in implementing and evolving their Internet infrastructure and use;
  • liaisons with other organizations, governments, and the general public for coordination, collaboration, and education.
  • ISOC-Bulgaria is the first Bulgarian Internet organization that raised their voice to protect the freedom of the Internet and filed a case against the State to keep the Net free of governmental control. See more details at http://www.isoc.bg/kpd

Your support yields limitless returns.

As a member of the Internet Society - Bulgaria, you can help foster the evolution of the Internet and its use. In addition, as an Internet Society member, you're entitled to several key benefits, including:

  • Discounts on Internet Society conferences, seminars, events, and workshops, including the annual International Networking conference.
  • Access to Internet-related data and research.
  • Free e-mail address. You can use it locally from ISOC servers in Sofia, or have your e-mail forwarded to an existing account. Please, do not spam! E-mail address is name@mbx.isoc.bg. Limited offer only for Bulgarians or for people living mainly in Bulgaria.

Most important, your membership enables us to work for you and your future. Don't be left behind. Join the revolution. Join the Internet Society - Bulgaria today.

What type of members we have.

  1. Members: entitled to paying a signup fee and an annual membership fee.
  2. Honorary members: don't need to pay entrance or annual fees. Should be people who are well known for their activities in their fields. Their names can be send to isoc@isoc.bg either from themselves or from any interested party. All Bulgarians - members of isoc.org are such honorary members.

How to apply - please fill and submit the form below and we'll write you back.

Please enroll me as an individual member of the Internet Society. In addition to being a significant contribution to the evolution of the Internet and its use, membership entitles me to reduced rates at Internet Society conferences, and other benefits, like e-mail address @mbx.isoc.bg. This is a membership at ISOC, headquartered in Virginia.

Individual Membership - $ 5 per year (pls, add $ 2 for transfer to the US). Payment may be made by check, credit card, money order, or wire transfer in leva, according to the rate of the Bulgarian National Bank.

NOTE: When you become member of the world ISOC, you are by default an honorary member of the Bulgarian ISOC.

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If you want to contact us, send an e-mail to isoc@isoc.bg, call 359-2-9809666, or drop a
letter to P.O.Box 71, 1164 Sofia. Copyright © 1995,1997 by Internet Society - Bulgaria®

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