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Here are some of the articles from the Bulgarian press, where information about the Internet Society - Bulgaria and its activities are being published since our foundation (most recent first):

ISOC Activities in 2000

June 08
ISOC-Bulgaria inititates Internet protest against the investigation of Bulgarian doctors and nurses, being held in Libya.

ISOC-Bulgaria has presentation at the Internet Expo 2000 (May 31-June 3)

ISOC-Bulgaria organizes the Internet Fiesta 2000, with tremendous success

ISOC-Bulgaria protests against licensing for email operators, proposed by the government in the Post Law. Changes in the project have been made, email is not mentioned

ISOC-Bulgaria requests that the Bulgarian Telecom should not increase prices for usual phone calls. Proposed changes are withdrawn.

ISOC Activities in 1999

January - November
ISOC-Bulgaria has filed a case against the state. Please, see more at http://www.isoc.bg/kpd/.

ISOC Activities during 1998

November 6
One hour interview with Veni Markovski on the Alma Mater radio.

During November
Interview with Secretary (Deputy Chair) Dimitar Ganchev on Bulgarian National TV (taken by Sonya Koltuklieva).

Oct. 31
Interview with Veni Markovski at the "Variant 3" show on Bulgarian National TV.

Oct. 30
Meeting with American Chamber in Bulgaria

Oct. 28
One hour live interview over the Bulgarian National Radio with Veni Markovski (12+3 program)

Oct. 22
Participation at the Small and Medium sized Enterprises seminar at the NDK, with the Agency for SME.

Oct. 10
Lecture of the chairman Veni Markovski at the NDK.
Internet in Bulgaria

Oct. 9
Lecture of the chairman Veni Markovski at the NDK.
Information Security and International Law.

Oct. 7
Participating in a lecture at the NDK, performed by Peter Gulev from Bulgarian Academy of Science.

Oct 6
Awarding the Web designer of the year at the National Palace of Culture (NDK), Sofia, together with SCAS - Studensts Computer Arts Society.

Oct 6
Veni Markovski participated live at Channel 1 of the Bulgarian National TV (Ekip 4)

During October
four articles written by ISOC-Bulgaria members were published in the media.

During October
ISOC-Bulgaria has been asked on a number of occasions to provide help to foreign and Bulgarian authorities in the telecommunications field.

(July 27) Computerworld)
An article about the possible relations between ISOC-BG and the Bulgarian Association for Internet.

(April 21) ISOC-Bulgaria participated at the Round Table in Brussels, organized with the EC .
The formation of the ISOC Europe coordination committee. Many ISOC chapters and friends have supported ISOC-Bulgaria in our attemtpts to promote free and independent Internet in Bulgaria.
Read the invitation and also visit the Discussion section on the left column of our site

(April 6) Article by Veni Markovski in the PCWeek .
The ISOC-Bulgaria is determined to help providing free information exchange
Read the article in Bulgarian (44 Kb)

(March 14) ISOC-Bulgaria sends a letter to the Bulgarian Parlament to protect freedom of Internet .
The Bulgarian Committee for Post and Telecommunications wanted to implement licensing for ISPs. This is the article from the Computerworld, with the letter ISOC-Bulgaria sent to the Parlament. Read the article in Computerworld (26 Kb)

(March) IBM has placed an article about Bulgaria on the web.
It has been provided partly by the Internet Society - Bulgaria!
Read the Bulgarian Transaltion! (30 Kb)

(March) Article by Veni Markovski in the PCWeek .
The problems with the TLDA in Bulgaria are not what they seem to be
Read the article in Bulgarian (30 Kb)

ISOC Activities during 1997

(November 24 and 25) Bulgarian National TV,
Interview with Veni Markovski from the ISOC-Bulgaria and one of the 12 hackers discovered during the last month in Sofia.

(November 25) Bulgarian National Radio
An interview with Veni Markovski about the Internet hackers recently found in Sofia.

ISOC-Bulgaria has been asked to proivde specialists to discover recent hackers' activities in Sofia. Following the advises of ISOC members, about a dozen hackers have been traced and located by the ISP and the police. A very unusual activity, we have to add, but we have to protect the rights of ALL internet users.

October 2
ISOC-Bulgaria is an official ISOC chapter. The news has been reported at the IDG Computerworld newspaper in Sofia later the same month.

(September) Article in SEGA magazine .
An article about the Internet in Bulgaria, with some opinions from ISOC-Bulgaria
Read the article here (in Bulgarian)

(August 4) Kontinent )
An information about the award given by ISOC is published.

(May) 24 hours daily
Annuneces membership in the ISOC-Bulgaria of two prominent figures: Mr. John Munnery, CEO of Mobikom - the NMTi-450 phone cellular system and Mr. Alexander Karakachanov, member of the Bulgarian Parlament.

(March 30) 24 hours. "The Bulgarians fight with the Internet"
A huge, 3 full pages sunday story, where the Internet Society is quoted as a source for the most-interesting Bulgarian web pages, and the cool information about where the Bulgarian internauts spend most of the time in the web.

(February 14) 168 hours weekly
picture from 168 hoursIt describes the contacts between the US Embassy in Bulgaria and ISOC-Bulgaria which were supposed to help solving the problems with the Internet credit card frauds made by several Bulgarian High School students.

ISOC Activities during 1996

(March 1) Standard daily, Trud
Published a picture from Reuters showing the just-opened and first Internet Cafe in Bulgaria, sponsored by the Internet Society - Bulgaria.

(March 6) IDG Computerworld .
"Internet Society - Bulgaria" has been founded. The IDG newspaper gives basic information about the ISOC chapter and its primary ideas.

(March 7) Cash (a Ringie Switzerland newspaper.
"Connect to the Internet from... the cafe".The article gives some information about the Internet Society, terms for membership and the idea about the Internet Cafe.

picture from 24 hours(March 19) 24 hours.
"Bulgarian society opens a web page in
the global net". The article describes the Internet Society.

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