National Program for the
Internet in Bulgaria


Starting October 1st, 1997, the Internet Society - Bulgaria announces the opening of a National Program for the Internet in Bulgaria. The program is developed in the following fields:

1. Design of web pages for NGOs'

  • each organization can apply for design of a free web page. ISOC-Bulgaria's appointed commission will define which organizations are winners, depending on the project of content these organization supply in written form. For example: the Ministry of Culture wants to have a web page for the National Art Gallery. What they need to do is the following: a) provide a project (written) of what the content of this page should be; b) [after approving the project] supply all necessary information on 3.5" diskettes, including also pictures of the paintings or master pieces to be included in the page)
  • the web pages will be published at our site.

2. Offering to citizens and NGOs web space in the public domain www.isoc.bg

  • each citizen of Bulgaria, as well as NGOs, newspapers, magazines, radio and tv stations, govermental institutions has the right to participate in thir program.
  • each applicant is provided with web space (pages may be limited in Mb) to place the web page they have designed.
  • the content of the page can not be censured, nor can be ISOC-Bulgaria liable or responsible for its contents.

3. Organization of seminars, conferences, supply of the mass media with information

  • in this field ISOC-Bulgaria is looking for lecturers, professors, Internet gurus, as well as organizations with suitable halls for the seminars.
  • journalist, who have permanent interest in the Internet field can call ISOC-Bulgaria or ISOC.ORG offices for news, connections with other organizations, ISPs, interviews, comments, etc.

4. Ensure local access point for ISPs in Sofia

  • The Internet Society - Bulgaria is encouraging all interested parties to join in developing a local POP for all Internauts to use. We are strongly for the initiative of spnet.net, gocis.bg, and other ISPs which have interconnected at higher speeds in order to provide better connectivity.
  • We offer every ISP access to the local access point in order to route local traffic in Sofia and the country.

5. Preparation of "Whoiswho in Internet" directory.

  • Because of the many different discussions about the ISP in Bulgaria, we offer the organization of a National ISP Whoiswho directory. It will include access points, speeds, backup routes, etc. data.
  • We offer unification of the criteria, which a company has to face in order to be able to become an ISP in order to protect the end users, while there's no a Law for protecting the customers.
  • We offer also to create written rules (netiquette), to be followed by the national ISPs with regard to better services offered and better education for our children.

6. Awards for web-pages. See more information at our site.

  • this part of the program is being already done by ISOC-Bulgaria.

Internet Society - Bulgaria asks each interested party to send proposals for changes and additions to: isoc@isoc.bg.

The Internet Society - Bulgaria is an NGO, which supports the development of the Internet and promotes free exchange of information between people.
Open for members with no difference based on race, sex or religion, the Internet Society - Bulgaria is among the leaders of the Internet revolution. In Bulgaria the ISOC is supporting the Agency for Bulgarians abroad, hospitals, mass medias, as well as children with malfunctioning hearing and eyesight.
You can learn more details at phone 9809666, phone/fax 9806431 and in the Internet at:
www.isoc.bg, www.bulgaria.com/isoc/, www.bol.bg/isoc/, www.cit.net/isoc/

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